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JoAnna Garcia Swisher on How She Achieves ‘Me’ Time & Her Favorite Role Ever

I loved JoAnna Garcia Swisher growing up. I remember wanting to be her best friend and becoming a member of “The Midnight Society,” after seeing her as Sam in Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?. But JoAnna Garcia Swisher is no longer that teen I longed to hang out with — she’s a mom, wife, and inspiring working woman.

As a mommy of two young girls, JoAnna’s home life these days is actually pretty relatable. She knows how crazy it can be to try to keep your place looking neat and tidy with little ones running around. JoAnna also understands that it’s important to find time for yourself, and even shared her secret to how she does it.

“I use cleaning as ‘me’ time to relax and reset — it can be hard to find time to relax as a working mom of two,” she says. “I put on my favorite tunes or a good podcast and tackle the task at hand. Knowing I’m preparing my home for all kinds of special, everyday moments that will become treasured memories with my family makes it easy to get into it!

The Kevin (Probably) Saves the World star recently teamed up with Clorox to share her cleaning tips and help the rest of us find a way to simplify this (often) daunting task.

“Take it step-by-step and day-by-day,” JoAnna Garcia Swisher advises, when it comes to your cleaning routine. “Never try to clean the whole house in one go, it’ll only add to your stress! I use the new Clorox Clean Alexa skill because it gives me random tasks to complete throughout the week as I have time so it never feels like a chore.”

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Do you have any tips for keeping your space as neat as possible when you have kids? We all know it’s not the easiest task!

We got really organized and I think that now that everything has a place – getting it back into its place keeps me sane. I’m really excited about the Clorox Clean Alexa Skill that’s coming out soon. I’ve had a sneak peek of the skill before it goes live and it gives me an opportunity to tick one item off at a time. It gives you an opportunity to feel like you are doing something. Instead of doing a massive deep clean, you can maintain a lot easier. You can just say give me something quick or give me something that takes a little more time. So instead of doing a massive cleaning, you can wrap your head around it more easily. I do a lot of my cleaning in the evenings – after a long day, you are tired and trying to catch up and I am pretty spent.

(Editor’s Note: The Clorox Clean Alexa Skill is actually available now! This interview took place prior to its release.)

You played Ariel in Once Upon a Time, what was that experience like for you? Ariel was actually my favorite as a child. Who was your favorite Disney Princess growing up?

Ariel is probably one of my favorite roles I have ever taken. I am a huge Disney fan and I love Once Upon a Time. When I got the opportunity to play such an iconic princess, I was so excited, I couldn’t even explain it. I have street cred with all of the little [ones] around me and I work it whenever I can.

When my daughter sees the animated Ariel, she says, “Look it’s you.” When they ask me to come back, I always make time for it. Eddie and Adam who created the show are two of my favorite people ever and I love everyone that does it and it’s something that I love being part of.

I loved Belle and Ariel. Those movies were coming out when I was growing up and in Disney princess mode. Those are definitely my two favorites.

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